Quality Control and Assurance System

We comply with internal quality standards exceedingthe industry standards through all processesfrom Product development to distribution and sales to serve the premium dairy products meeting our esteemed customer's satisfaction for taste and .

Quality policy

  • • We thoroughly control quality management in every process of Product development, Raw material procurement, production, distribution, and sales to ensure food safety and quality of our products
  • • We contribute to society through our activities based on compliance with laws, regulations and standards.
  • • We provide accurate, easy-to-understand information from the customers' viewpoint.
  • • Each of us individually strives to refine our knowledge and skills and maintain and improve quality levels.

Quality Assurance System

Quality control by SANCHI

Based on its Quality Policy, the Sanchi Milk Group regulates quality rules* in each of the following "food chains" of

  • 1.Product development,
  • 2. Raw material procurement,
  • 3. Production, and
  • 4. Distribution/Sales.

We systematically implement quality management based on our quality rules to ensure the quality and safety of all of the products we handle. Our quality rules ensure not only compliance with the laws and industry voluntary standards, but also internal standards that exceed the industry standards.

Product Development

  • We consider safety from the phase of research and place top priority on securing the quality and safety of products in the product planning phase. Every time we develop new materials and products, we review the design quality of the products to ensure their quality and safety.

Good raw material

  • We carry out acceptance inspections at every plant to ensure the use of safe and high-quality raw materials.

Arrangement and maintenance of the production environment

  • We arrange the production environment (production halls, production facilities, equipment, and work clothes) to prevent the admixture of foreign matter in food or contamination by microorganisms.

Production process management

  • By analyzing the hazard factors in plant/production, we thoroughly prevent new and recurring quality troubles to ensure stable production.

QC checks In Production/Plant

Sanchi milk plants are fully invested in protecting the quality and safety of the milk they receive from farmers. To deliver the finest products and ingredients to its customers statewide, they often take steps above, beyond and in advance of regulatory requirements:

  • • Analysis of vulnerable points in company processes and application of innovative and proven measures to assure quality and prevent and detect contamination.
  • • ISO certification.
  • • Together, they are working to further improve pathogen control, strengthen audit protocols and reduce risk in the supply chain.

We produce commercial products that ensure quality and safety based on our quality policy. Under our unique quality management system (FSMS)and FSSAI/BIS , We check quality through all processes from the acceptance of raw materials to the storage of commercial products. Only products that pass the final QC checks can be dispatched.

Distribution/Sales The quality and traceability of the products manufactured at our plants are maintained until the time our customers purchase and eat them.